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Welcome to Osa Mountain Resort and Jungle Adventures where you don’t have to rough it to be sustainable.

Here in spectacular Costa Rica, we are creating a brand new model for sustainable tourism, so you can have the exciting luxury vacation you’ve always dreamed about in one of the most bio-diverse and lush lands on earth.

Discover a crossroad of fine living, gracious amenities and exciting Eco-Adventures –all perched amidst 750 acres of pristine prime tropical paradise, where lush canopy meets the breeze, and ocean views roll endlessly into golden sunsets.

You can pass on cramped hotel rooms. Your elegant and spacious home or condo welcomes you with million dollar views and a sustainable edible landscape, overflowing with fruit trees and garden greens.

The jungle is literally at your balcony. Exotic birds, playful monkeys, and breathtaking rare butterflies will amaze you.


Cool off with a refreshing splash in the custom designed chemical free sparkling pool. Stretch your body and spirit with morning yoga, meditation, or a healing massage. It’s all here for you. When you come to Osa Mountain Resort you are welcomed into a mountainside…Read More...


At the heart of this mountainside oasis is the RainForest Restaurant and Bar, where our award winning chef literally walks out the back door and into luscious, sustainable mountain farmlands to create the daily menus. It’s fresh organic food crafted by culinary artisans, abundantly delicious,…Read More...

Jungle Adventures

Forget the wannabe theme parks! You don’t have to go anywhere. Here’s a world of adventure at your doorstep. Osa Mountain Jungle Adventures is a unique and exciting immersion that takes you deep inside and high above the jungle. Here’s something for everyone. You can…Read More...


Why did more than two million visitors come to Costa Rica last year? Extreme outdoor adventures, remote beaches, lush jungles teeming with amazing wildlife, crystal streams and waterfalls – It’s “the epitome of an Eco-Tourism Paradise.” Costa Rica is one of the happiest places on…Read More...

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